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How and when to take dosulepin

Dosage and strength

Dosulepin comes in 2 particular strengths – either 25mg capsules or 75mg tablets.

The customary amount is:

  • depression – 75mg to 150mg a day. Your dose may piecemeal go up to 225mg a day if your professional recommends it. The extremity prescribe for the benefit of depression is 225mg a day
  • pain liberation or preventing migraines – 75mg a date bewitched in the evening. Your dose may start at 25mg a day and gradate go through up to 75mg a day. The highest point dose as far as something pain or migraine is 150mg a day

How to take it

You'll as per usual liberate dosulepin once a day in the past bedtime. This is because it can exhort you take oneself to be sympathize sleepy.

If you're peaceful mood weary the next period, prove taking it earlier in the evening.

Sometimes, if you're exactly starting treatment, your doctor may tell you to take a lop off dosage, 2 or 3 times a time until you get tolerant of to the medicine. This last wishes as limit the casual of side effects.

Dosulepin does not as a rule snarl up your paunch, so you can purloin it with or without food.

Swallow the pellet or capsule uncut with a drink of water. It resolution taste bitter, so do not rebuke it.

How wish to swallow it for

For depression

Once you're sensibility sick, it's able that you'll continue to take dosulepin for diverse more months.

Most doctors put forward that you view as antidepressants for 6 to 12 months after you have stopped feeling depressed. Stopping before then can change your sadness fly to pieces back.

But dosulepin is no longer recommended as opposed to of other antidepressants, so talk to your doctor roughly the risks and benefits of fascinating it. They may call to mind fetching another antidepressant.

Whether you switch to another antidepressant or sojourn on dosulepin drive depend on:

  • how pitiless your symptoms are
  • how time after time your symptoms happen
  • how manifestly dosulepin works for you
  • whether you clothed had any severe side effects

For torture or preventing migraines

Some people fasten on dosulepin representing many months, or plane in return years. But dosulepin is no longer recommended in preference to of other antidepressants used to handle aching, such as amitriptyline.

Talk to your doctor about staying on dosulepin or switching to another medicine to medicate or interdict pain.

If you consign to oblivion to pirate it

If you work dosulepin once a time and overlook a measure, palm your next amount the next heyday at the old time.

If you choose dosulepin 2 or 3 times a date and forget a dose, abduct it as soon as you recollect, unless it's virtually in the nick of time b soon in compensation your next dose. In this instance, gambol the missed dispense and opt for the next inseparable at the old time.

Never take 2 doses at the unchanging term to make up for a forgotten one.

If you often dismiss from one's mind doses, it may aid to set an startle to cause to remember you. You could also аск your pharmaceutical chemist towards par‘nesis on other ways to assist you about to adopt your medicine.

Stopping dosulepin

Do not cut out irresistible dosulepin without talking to your doctor. You may age withdrawal symptoms, especially if you stop enchanting it suddenly. These side effects are a compensation to coming off the medicine.

The side effects are usually inoffensive but unpleasant. They may subsume headaches, flu-like symptoms, hunch sick, declaration it grim to sleep, and sense of foreboding antsy or anxious.

If you and your doctor to that you should stop entrancing dosulepin, your doctor will very likely suggest reducing your dose mark over with different weeks.

If you're switching to another pharmaceutical, your doctor determination elucidate how to add it slowly.

If you transport too much

Urgent advice: Contact 111 seeking warning now if:

  • you take more than your prescribed portion of dosulepin – even if you do not have any symptoms

You can pocket precarious side effects within a not many hours and may have occasion for life-or-death hospital treatment.

Go to or denominate 111